When you are driving in Big Marlin, you can see the statue of St. Kvirin in the underwater park. Why did decide showing you his statue?

Kvirin is the saint of the Roman Catholic Church, a bishop in Siscia and a martyr, and today is the patron saint of the KrK and the Sisak diocese. During the persecution of emperor Diocletian, he escaped from Siscia, but was soon arrested and taken to Sabari, today’s Sambotel in Hungary, where Amnitic’s deputy tried to persuade him to give up his Christian faith. When Kvirin firmly refused, the governor condemned him to death. They tied his millstone to his throat and threw him off the bridge into the Sibaris River. Then a miracle happened. The bishop remained on the water and encouraged his believers not to fear.

He said to them, “Now only in the true sense I perform my priestly ministry, when I will sacrifice myself for the sacrifice of God”. He prayed and then sank. Christians found his body and honored him. During the invasion of Huna, Christians crossed Zadar and Ancona, relocated their relics to Rome, in the catacombs along the church of St. Sebastian. In 1140 they were transferred to the church of the Mother of God through Tiber, where they are still today. Later on a basilica was built around his remains.
The St. Kvirin feast is celebrated on June 4, and it is also celebrated in Krk where the church of Sv. Kvirin is today part of the cathedral complex.

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