Big Marlin

Big Marlin is an original product and a unique vessel in the Adriatic and wider

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Semisubmarine Krk

Our submarine adventure is perfect for children and adults of all ages, so you can be sure that the whole family will enjoy it. Experience the underwater world of fishes and sea creatures beneath the sea surface while just a few steps above you can enjoy a relaxing panorama tour from the deck of our semisubmarines.

Big Marlin

The biggest semisubmarine in the Adriatic

Semisubmarine Big Marlin is the biggest, original and innovative ship in the fleet of semisubmarines that offers you a unique experience of underwater sights. Although it looks like a real semisubmarine, Big Marlin does not dive, yet it has an underwater cabin from which you can safely enjoy the tour. You can see the spectacular waters of the island from the comfortable and spacious cabin while at the same time you can enjoy the views of the town of Krk, as well.

Spacious underwater cabin

Our underwater cabin has comfortable adjustable seats for 34 persons. Area is air-conditioned, and 80% of total surface is glazed.

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Underwater park

Tour on Big Marlin includes the sightseeing of the underwater park that counts replicas of roman amphorae, autochthonous Krk’s boat, wooden treasure chest, stone cannon, statues of octopus and ray, as well as the saint Kvirin – the protector of Krk.

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Panorama of Krk town

Enjoy the views of Krk’s port, stone walls, cathedral and panorama of Mediterranean landscape from the deck of Big Marlin.

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Big Marlin

Classic Submarine

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Mal was anderes

“Mal was anderes. Den Kindern hat es super gefallen. Gerade das groβe boot mit den groβen Scheiben ist super.”

Daniel Wehle, Germany

Da provare!

“Un breve tour delle coste nei pressi della città di Krk. Divertente, interessante ed unica come esperienza. Da provare!”

Andrea Tuscano, Italy

Veramente una piacevole esperienza

“Veramente una piacevole esperienza da considerarsi durante la visita a Krk. Ottima per i bambi e rilassante per gli adulti.”

Fabio C., Italy

Travelers can see fish and other living creatures

“As this ship starts it’s getting more and more interesting as travelers can see fish and other living creatures under the waterline through the windows.”

Gabor H., Hungary